A Very Rare Thing

You don’t see these very often. This is the sizzle reel for Joe Carnahan’s proposed Daredevil reboot that was recently canned. It’s pretty interesting as A) it’s Serpico meets Superheos B) Leaked sizzle reels Hollywood movies are more guarded than the oil painting of Keanu Reeves that he keeps in his loft and C) it isn’t that great.

I know a shit ton of editors that given the brief ‘use bits of the Daredevil film, Daredevil comics and a bunch of 70′s films and make an ultra cool sizzle reel’ would have knocked this out the park, through several other parks into the planning permission office where a new park was at the very early stages of being considered.

It lacks structure, is unfocused and I find it amazing that given the breadth of material available and used that the editor couldn’t make the shots speak to each other. Obviously I don’t want to damn the poor person who made it. For all I know they had three hours to throw this together. Which would be a shame. Given a few days, and a good look at the material you could have made something that actually felt like a cohesive little short while still avoiding Ben Affleck at all costs. I once managed to cut and grade moments from Hellboy, Payback and Matilda into a single scene making it look like they were all present and interacting at the same time.

Anyway, it’s interesting and annoying but It still looks like a very good aesthetic for The Man With No Fear. Shame.