Stop Motion and Jurassic Park

I love stop motion. It has a sort of dreamlike fantastical unreality to it that CGI, however photorealistic, lacks. This is on of the may reason the  Clash of The Titans remake generaly sucks balls.

But back in ’92 Tippet studios tried to solve one of the main issues with stop motion – motion blur or lack thereof. It had already been tried in Willow with the GoMotion technique but Speilberg asked for a next generation type of stop motion for his upcoming film Jurassic Park.

It’s odd looking at this clip. In many ways it’s special effects archaeology - the last example of a species not longer with us. This was probably the last serious chunk of money ever invested in Stop Motion before the maturation of CGI.

There’s a lovely and very sad scene in Peter Jacksons King Kong when Kong passes the numerous skeletal remains of his species. I always wanted Jackson to animate, almost imperceptibly in the background, a Kong bone rolling away from camera but in Stop Motion – a tip of the hat to a brilliant special effects technique  (originating in 1897)  that’s nearly as old as the medium of film it’s self.

Anywhere, there you go. Jurassic Park T-Rex test from 1992. And if you type “Jurassic Park Stop Motion test” into Youtube you’ll find a few more too.